Sam Iannetta

Company: Functional Fitness and Wellness
Founder / Master Trainer
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Over 44,000+ hours personal training experience Author "Change Agents", Advanced Certified Personal Trainer—National Academy of Sports Medicine. Accredited Fitness Therapist—National Fitness Therapy Association. Past member of the Colorado Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, elected to Board of Directors 2 years. Has held more than eighteen national certifications in personal training and nutrition. Three-time American record-breaking power lifter—Lifetime Drug Free


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What is the best Functional Exercise

There is no such thing as a best functional exercise. There are only exercises that are functional by the nature of that exercises ability to help an individual with a specific goal or issue.

How do you pick what exercises is right for a specific client.

I created a system of analysis by using a clients specific movement patterns to assess where the problems in their movement are. Only from that point can I prescribe an exercise that is actually functional for that client. In other words. I analyze the client then prescribe exercise to correct or improve an issue.

Is your system hard to learn

Yes, It is a science and an art and that is why it is hard to learn. Many trainers have come into my facility thinking that they can shadow a session or two or ten and learn how things work. Very quickly they learn that clients are all different and that takes a lot of attention to detail.

How long have you been training clients to have your level of experience.

I have been training clients for over 30 years and have been a professional personal trainer (no other income source) for 21 years.

How long have you been doing Functional Fitness.

I have been training people in Functional Fitness (my system) since long before it was a catch phrase. 20 years.