Sarah Graham

Company: Sarah Graham Fitness
Founder of Sarah Graham Fitness
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Fitness Trainer and Businesswoman, Sarah Graham. Sarah is the Founder of Sarah Graham Fitness.

Sarah specializes in sports specific training, including endurance running and cross training for fat loss. An athlete herself, she brings her personal experience of knowing what sacrifices, determination, and holistic planning it takes to push towards a personal record.

Sarah studied the physiology of movement and nutrition in college and continues taking education courses teaching methods from traditional, Olympic, functional, rehabilitation, Pilates, and endurance running techniques that put her in line with many other top trainers.

What sets Sarah apart is her ability to spot the athlete’s weaknesses, find solutions and get results. She looks at the body as an efficient machine.

“I think athletes sometimes underestimate the power and strength that comes from putting their time in at the gym, mainly because they love their sport and want to spend most of their time doing it,” said Sarah. “I teach them how to increase strength, endurance and improve their movement patterns which keeps them injury free and more equip at reaching their goals.”

To learn more about Sarah Graham, please visit or call (831) 595-1222.