Matthew Sutton

Company: Lifestyle Personal Training and Fit4Life Boot Camps
Owner of L-PT & Founder of the Fit4Life Project
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Matt Sutton, known as the body transformation expert is regarded as one of the leading Personal Trainers & coaches in Northamptonshire, England.

This accolade is down to the amazing results he has got with thousands of clients over the past 10 years using the many methods he has learnt through learning and working with the worlds leading nutritionists, scientists, doctors and also mentored leading trainers and speakers.

Sutton, Director of Lifestyle Personal Training Ltd has had huge media & press attention as the Creator of the The Fit4Life Project, a proven 28 day formula that changes lives through changing bodies.

The Fit4Life Project has locations across Northamptonshire & Leicestershire but is soon to be launched across the globe as an online program so that anyone can enjoy the same results. Newcastle Radio station TTFM recently picked The Fit4Life Home Project as a feature. They picked a lucky listener to try the program. It was a huge success with Ashley losing more than half a stone & dropping 2 dress sizes in just 21 days.

Sutton revealed to us the unique system & philosophy that he and his coaches use to help transform the lives & bodies of their clients. "Our whole nutrition & training philosophy is very different to many others out there. It has been designed around making the focus health & longevity rather than just weightloss or gaining muscle. It's this mindset that helps our clients achieve long-term results.

"As a cancer survivor I really value life and the enhancement of life that can be enjoyed through making the right choices. The reason most people spend their lives yo-yo dieting is because they focus on weight loss only. This problem with focusing purely on weightloss is it becomes far more of a short term goal that only gets short term results. I felt it my duty after winning my battle with cancer to create a system that achieves goals like losing weight merely as a by-product of better health.

Our clients not only achieve total body transformations but we also educate them on methods that help them keep the weight off long term, enhancing their lives in the process.

Sutton's soon-to-be released book, The Healthy Living BluePrint will reveal all his methods to improving health, starving off illnesses & diseases and losing weight long-term.

When launched, Sutton plans to share The Healthy Living BluePrint with other trainers & coaches and mentor them on how they can also use the system to get great results with clients to boost their business.

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Office: 01536- 738-058