Mark Tipping

Company: Body Fix Fitness Ltd.
Founder and Owner of Body Fix Fitness Ltd.
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Mark Tipping, founder and owner of Body Fix Fitness Ltd., has established himself as a leading fitness expert in Yorkshire, England and is branching out throughout various parts of the UK with his Body Fix Boot Camp. Additionally, he is the founder of TurboBox, the newest addition to his fitness curriculum. He also serves as a mentor to many people in the fitness industry that are interested in operating their own fitness business. He currently mentors clients in the UK as well as in the United States. Tipping is a Level 4 Registered Exercise Professional, a trained Sports Therapist, and specializes in lower back disorders. He has been a personal trainer and a Sports Therapist for ten years and opened his own fitness business in 2007.

Tipping finds most of his clients are very busy people who are interested in fat loss, but don’t have a lot of extra hours to devote to exercise in the traditional gym. The general age range of his clients is from thirty to fifty-five, but there are a number of clients that are outside that age range as well. Tipping’s workouts are typically about forty-five minutes in length and uses metabolic resistance training incorporating a very active work/rest ratio. His niche is more time based than repetition based. Someone brand new to the routine may not be able to do as many repetitions in the same amount of time as a more experienced person in the program, however, this system allows everyone to progress at their own rate without anyone feeling like they have been left behind. Normally, twenty people will attend a boot camp and the same amount for the TurboBox program.

Tipping also does one-on-one personal training and works with other professionals, such as a chiropractor and physiotherapist, on a reciprocal referral basis to help maximize the healing and ongoing health progression of their patients and clients. Because of Tipping’s training and years of experience in back injuries and soft tissue manipulation he seems to attract a lot of people who are trying to resolve those issues. His team treatment approach with other professionals works well for those clients.

Most of Tipping’s clients come to him by referrals from very satisfied clients or from the other professionals with whom he works. He also finds that many people find him by searching the Internet for fitness facilities in his area. He also holds a number of local seminars which attracts people to his program and writes a column in the Selby Times which focuses on fitness tips. Reading at least one book a week, Tipping places a great deal of emphasis on and participates in continuing education so he can continuously improve in his profession. While most trainers will achieve their initial certifications and then never take any additional course work, Tipping indicates he spends as much money on continuing education every year as he did when he was first becoming certified. He believes much of his success is driven by continuously learning and applying that education to his fitness program. He also attributes his success to being very results driven when it comes to helping his clients achieve their goals. He says, “If someone comes in with back pain and wants to be pain free, we want to help them become pain free. If someone comes in to lose weight, we want to help them lose weight. We focus on getting our clients the results they want rather than just going through the motions.” As a former rugby player and very competitive overall sportsman, Tipping has an intrinsic desire to give one-hundred percent of himself to win, not only for himself, but for his clients as well. He states, “We want to have the biggest impact on as many people as possible.” In fact, Tipping is so confident in his results oriented program, he guarantees his clients they will lose at least one clothing size within twenty-eight days.

According to Tipping, there has been a surge in boot camps in recent years in the UK. Many trainers have moved away from personal one-on-one training, partly because the national economy has prevented people from being able to afford one-on-one training. Boot camp style training is typically priced more reasonably for people. Additionally, Tipping believes another reason for the increased interest in boot camp style training is that people have become tired of going to traditional gyms and not seeing any significant results. He says, “The good boot camps are in a progressive program which gives people clear structure and clear progress similar to what they get when working with a personal trainer on a one-on-one basis. I think people began to see it was a really good way to achieve results and that created a bit of a trend that people began following.” He continues, “Our boot camps focus a lot on mindset. Most of the boot camps today are kind of like an exercise session with a bit of nutrition thrown in. But, we begin out boot camps dealing with a lot of mindset issues like emotional eating, and then we look at the exercise and the nutrition. That sets us apart from many other programs.”

The overall mission of Body Fix Fitness is to provide a fast, efficient fitness and weight loss program for busy people making it as much fun as possible. According to Tipping, the sessions are quite hard, but they make sure everyone has fun with it and they work to keep it lighthearted. They work very hard at maintaining a good rapport with their clients. Tipping says, “We create a community or a tribe. We really try to create great relationships in the group. Many of our clients have made close friendships in our programs and end up meeting with the same people socially outside of our facility.”

Tipping tells of one of his clients that had back surgery and was very hesitant to get involved in a fitness program for fear of further damage to her back. After participating in the Body Fix Fitness program, she has lost three stone in weight and has done an eighteen mile charity bike ride. She continues to attend every boot camp session as she has done for the past five years. According to Tipping, she has done many things that you would not expect from someone that had major back surgery and is one of the most fit participants of his boot camp.

Tipping’s driving motivation to help as many people as possible has been the influencing factor that lead him to begin franchising his boot camps to other areas of the UK. He currently is working with ten franchisees who have taken his business model and placed it in other geographic regions within a forty-five mile radius. Tipping has found that through his franchise model he is able to help other personal trainers become successful in their field. He has a formal training program to enable his franchisees to build a solid foundation and then continue to progress in their business. Additionally, Tipping has a formal coaching and mentoring program geared toward anyone that is interested in developing their own fitness business. To date, he has been involved in the training and mentoring of over one-hundred people that have taken his courses. Many of these individuals have gone on to duplicate Tipping’s business model and have started their own franchises.

Tipping has also created and introduced to the UK a conditioning program called TurboBox, a brand new inclusive group fitness class that is aimed at people totally new to boxing pad work or those that have only had gloves on a handful of times. The workout is a clever blend of time based work periods which allows individuals, no matter their skill level, to participate and work at their own pace. The perfect blend of pad work and body weight exercise creates the ultimate all over body workout. “Tipping says, “I really don’t want there to be any barriers to people trying out boxing fitness. Our purpose isn’t to teach people how to be boxers, but how to safely conduct punches and pad work and make it part of a fun, effective group exercise program.” The TurboBox program is catching on with many who are interested in adding a new dimension to their workout routine. Licenses for the program are also available to Personal Trainers who are interested in using this program with their clients.

Tipping has written eight e-books which are designed to be used by other trainers for workout programs and personal trainer coaching. He also has developed and teaches two courses for fitness business owners, Boot Camp Owners Only Masterminding (BOOM) and Boot Camp Business Owners System Training (BOOST). Tipping plans to continue to increase the number of his boot camp franchises and also plans to issue two-hundred licenses for his TurboBox program. He plans to expand the size of his local facility as well as develop a residential program that would be designed for individuals to stay at a resort type facility and work with Tipping on mindset, nutrition and fitness for an entire week. He is also looking at opening locations in Spain and Portugal. Because of his contribution to his industry and his outstanding business success, he is being featured as one of the World Fitness Elite in The Independent in the UK and in USA Today in America.

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