Dax Moy

Company: Dax Moy Personal Training
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Dax’s background as a soldier, bodyguard and fireman (among other things) have led to a very laid back yet highly determined and focused outlook that he shares in a work-hard-play-hard kind of way with clients, students and team members alike.

A no-nonsense coach of the highest order, Dax most enjoys working with those who are serious about getting results and aligning with the greatest version of the grandest vision they hold of who they could become yet who at the same time don’t take themselves or their journey so seriously that it becomes a chore or perceived as a form of self punishment.

In other words, those who like to complain, whinge, whine, moan and play the martyr won’t do well with Dax as he refuses to see his passions used on those who make a misery of their Re-Invention. This isn’t arrogance or conceit, but rather self-protection on Dax’s part for maintaining his passion for the work that he loves so much as well as ensuring that those who pay him his rather large fees aren’t disappointed or feel let down by his approach.

On the other hand, those who are open to a truly holistic approach to coaching that includes mind, body and spirit and who are willing to play the game to win with a smile on their face and an open minds and heart will absolutely love working with Dax… and not just on their physiques.

Dax’s clients have included A-List actors, Athletes, Pop stars, Polar explorers, Politicians, CEO’s and royalty though he works with anyone who is serious about getting a great result and changing their life.

A best-selling author, regular contributor to magazines and newspapers around the world, a regular TV expert, journalist, educator, member of the World Fitness elite and National Academy of Best-Selling authors, Dax is held in very high regard worldwide both within the profession and without.