Daryl Salmon

Company: Salmon's Fitness
Professional Boxer and Personal Trainer
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Professional Boxer and Personal Trainer, Daryl Salmon, started his career as a boxer in 2002 before becoming a Certified Personal Trainer.

Growing up, Daryl was an amateur boxer and football player. Heading to college and lacking the physical size to be a college football player, Daryl pursued his other passion, boxing. Daryl compiled a record of 16 straight wins as a professional boxer touring the world. Daryl competed in matches in several countries including France, Africa, Bulgaria and Germany.

In 2008, Daryl received his Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Fitness Management. Daryl has since pursued a career in the field of fitness. He is currently finishing his certification in International Sports Science Association (ISSA).

“I knew I couldn’t box for the rest of my life,” said Daryl. “I still do for enjoyment and to stay in shape, but now my passion is training others to be fit.” Daryl is currently a Personal Trainer at Normandy Gym in Miami Beach, Florida.