Darragh Hayes

Company: Cover Model Body Training
Professional Model, Athlete, Company Director, Physique Transformation Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer
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Cover Model Body Trainer Darragh Hayes is the owner and director of Cover Model Body Training in Dublin, Ireland. As a fitness model, fashion model, personal trainer, and physique transformation specialist, Hayes is sought after, not only in his home country of Ireland, but around the world. As a celebrity model, he has modeled all over the world and has been featured on television and in magazines and newspapers worldwide. As a trainer, he has helped hundreds of people transform their body into a “cover model” type physique. Competitively, he has earned the prestigious titles of Mr. Ireland, Mr. International Model, and, most recently, Mr. Universe Model. He has worked with very large global brands such as Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Lucazade, Diet Coke, U Magazine, Fate Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine, and Men’s Health Magazine. He also was a professional soccer player on teams in Ireland, Spain, and the United States. Today, along with other worldwide appearances, he is seen on billboards and other advertising media in five different countries throughout Asia promoting L-Men Nutrifood for the largest sports supplement company in Asia.

Hayes has worked directly with the National Health Board in Ireland to improve the nutritional quality of the food school children eat. He has also written numerous articles for various news publications and blogs and has been featured in articles in every newspaper in Ireland and many news sources around the world. He also has future plans to be a contributing author in an upcoming book related to health and fitness. In the near future Hayes will be developing his online cover model business so he is able to help more people achieve the physique they desire. He also will be launching DVD’s and a workbook for his Six Weeks to a Cover Model Body program. Additionally, he will be offering a cookbook to compliment the program. He is also looking at competing at the World level in fitness and modeling competition in the near future. Because of his contribution to his industry and his outstanding business success, Hayes is being featured as one of the World Fitness Elite in The Independent in the UK and in USA Today in America. Additional information about Hayes and Cover Model Training can be found at www.darraghhayes.com.